A Review of Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

The growing number of athletes requiring energy and the need for bodybuilding supplements has led to the demand for products that will meet these objectives precisely. Creatine is among the leading and popular food supplements in the market today that work primarily by distributing energy to the muscles and helps in improving the weight lifting capacity. The human body produces some of it in small amounts. You can also get creatine from some foods such as fresh meat.

The primary purpose of creatine, especially in sports is to improve your athletic performance by increasing the strength and size of the muscle and assisting in enhancing the energy levels. The best creatine on the market today is Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder due to its features and advantages.


glass of juiceOptimum Nutrition (ON) ranks as the top brand of creatine because it has 99.9 percent pure CreaPure creatine served in a 5-gram quantity powder. The composition of its ingredients is a combination of numerous types of creatine to give you the benefits of all the available varieties of creatine in one product. ON has a tasteless and odorless white powder that can dissolve in water and juice very quickly.

What makes it different from other creatine brands is that the gunpowder substance of creatine in ON does not settle at the bottom of the cup but spread all over the water or juice used to dissolve it for drinking. Optimum Nutrition Company has copyrighted its manufacturing process to avoid counterfeits. Another significant feature that ON has is its ability to satisfy your energy needs without leaving you with any side effects.

Benefits of using ON

ON is very effective leaving you with impressive results regarding power, enhanced muscle strength, performance, and high energy levels. It is ideal because it reduces the recovery time to leave you with fast and safe effects. It has no negative impact on your body when you use it. It is very easy to use because you only dissolve it in juice or water, then drink. It is highly affordable, and thus pockets friendly. Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder is the best-rated creatine on the web.

Shortcomings of ON

Body Builder Despite the excellent rating, it has, some of the people who have used it claim that the creatine in the powder does not dissolve readily in cold juice, water or any other cold drink. However, this is not significant because the substance mix eventually. If you are considering to try any creatine for your bodybuilding purposes, ON it the recommended one for you, choose it and you will not regret.