Qualities of Good Parkour Shoes

man swingin on wall

Parkour shoes are special types of running shoes which allows you to feel like the shoes are an extension of themselves. They are not heavy or clunky that can weigh you down when performing amazing skills. Whether you are climbing a building, running up a wall, rolling, leaping or running into the next move you need to know that the shoes will help you stay safe.


man climbing wallWhen performing a parkour move, it goes without saying that you will need to be sure that your shoes have got your back. One of the most important qualities required in a parkour shoe is the grip of the sole. Look for shoes with soles that are in one piece and a rubber which wraps over your toes. Some of the best shoe brands from which you can choose are K-Swiss Ariake Stability Running Shoe, Five Ten D’Aescent Trail Shoe, and Five Ten Freerunner Freerunning.


Parkour shoes should be heavier than running shoes but lighter than hiking shoes. Nice middle ground shoes will give you a perfect balance of something which works with your body as you move from one point to another. You want the shoes to become one with the body just like you become one with the surrounding. Go for something which is unobtrusive, comfortable yet stiff and strong to give the necessary confidence you require to perform the parkour tricks. You do not want to get worried about the shoes when leaping from one obstacle to the next.



It is a bit hard to come by this quality in most shoes, and this is why it is vital to get something designed with traceurs in mind. You need shoes with a well-made material, of good quality that will protect your feet and ankles but flexible enough not to get in the way of your parkour moves. You want the shoes to be free-flowing around the feet and give you an extra boost while you are free flowing around the obstacles to help you clear your next jump. K-Swiss Kirov is a popular brand of shoe that has this feature.

Look and Design

Whenever you are buying parkour shoes, it is vital that you are happy with the look and design of the shoes. Shoes with a single piece sole are better than the other alternatives as they have lesser chances of separating from the shoe than the other types.

These are the main qualities of parkour shoes you need to have to qualify for this job. Excellent grip, the right weight, and the right flexibility while protecting your feet with quality and somehow stiff material.…

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