Neurofeedback Therapy for Children with ADHD

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Neurofeedback therapy is a treatment meant to help children with a mental disorder such as ADHD. The main role of neurofeedback therapy in ct is to help train the brain to calm down and focus. Children dealing with this kind of mental disorder have a problem with concentrating, staying calm and keeping focus.

During neurofeedback therapy, training is done by allowing the children look for images on a computer screen. With time, the brain is trained on how to focus and keep calm at all times. This therapy has been proven to work in helping treat different mental disorders.

Benefits neurofeedback therapy help?

Encourage calmnessChild closing face with hands

Children suffering from ADHD usually have a problem staying calm and deal with hypersensitivity. These problems make it difficult for them to settle down, sit or even sleep. The work of the therapy is to help children learn how to calm down. With time, the problem of hypersensitivity is slowly solved, and the brain is slowly trained on how to calm down.

Improve clarity and focus

The work of this therapy is to help improve clarity and focus that is common with many children living with ADHD. During the therapy, by looking at images passing through the screen, the child is encouraged to focus on one place for some period. This is translated to other activities, and the child can concentrate in school during class work and also games.

Motivation to finish assigned tasks

One of the main symptoms of ADHD is the inability to complete any activity that the children is given. For instance, children living with ADHD will find it very difficult to complete even the simple tasks like eating their meals.

This therapy is usually focused on helping children gain the motivation of completing every task that is given to them. The therapy gives the child all the needed support and motivation that the child needs to complete the given tasks.

Reduce or eliminatgraphic of one person lying down and one sittinge medication use

Taking medication on a daily basis can be very stressful not forgetting the side effects that come with the long use of medication. To reduce the intake of medication and later eliminate the use, in the long run, therapy is very important. The role of therapy is to reduce the symptoms that are common with ADHD with the aim of reducing the need for medication.

Encourage the child and reduce fear

Children living with ADHD may experience fear that sometimes affects their daily activities and the way they interact with others. Through therapy, the child is encouraged, and this reduces fear and anxiety.…

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